lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

60 años de la British Journal of Sociology

La British Journal of Sociology (BJS) cumplió 60 años en 2010. Para conmemorarlo, los editores decidieron publicar un número extraordinario en el que se recogían dos artículos destacados publicados en cada una de las seis décadas de vida de la revista. Los contenidos del número son los siguientes:
  •  "The British Journal of Sociology at sixty". Frances Heidensohn and Richard Wright
 The 1950s
  • "British Journal of Sociology in the 1950s: firm foundations". Frances Heidensohn
  • "Democracy in private government (a case study of the International Typographical Union)". Seymour M. Lipset
  • Commentaries by Pat McGovern and Robin Archer
  • "A public language: some sociological implications of a linguistic form". Basil Bernstein.
  • Commentaries by Chris Jenks and Tessa Blackstone
 The 1960s
  • "The British Journal of Sociology in the 1960s: a discipline in ferment". Richard Wright
  • "The meaning of poverty". Peter Townsend
  • Commentary by Jake Rosenfeld
  • "The deviance of women: a critique and an enquiry". Frances Heidensohn
  • Commentaries by Frances Heidensohn and Jody Miller
The 1970s
  • "The British Journal of Sociology in the 1970s: continuity and crisis". Fran Tonkiss
  • "Islam, capitalism and the Weber theses". Bryan S. Turner
  • Commentary by Bryan S. Turner
  • "A world-system perspective on the social sciences". Immanuel Wallerstein
  • Commentary by Michael Mann
The 1980s
  • "The British Journal of Sociology in the 1980s: a decade of eclecticism". Gillian Stevens
  • "Intergenerational class mobility and the convergence thesis: England, France and Sweden". Robert Erikson, John H. Goldthorpe and Lucienne Portocarero
  • Commentary by Michael Hout
  • "Morphogenesis versus structuration: on combining structure and action". Margaret S. Archer
  • Commentary by Anthony King
The 1990s
  • "The British Journal of Sociology in the 1990s: disintegration and disarray?". Claire Moon
  • "Political power beyond the State: problematics of government". Nikolas Rose and Peter Miller
  • Commentary by Patrick Joyce
  • "Class analysis and the reorientation of class theory: the case of persisting differentials in educational attainment". John H. Goldthorpe
  • Commentary by John Scott
The 2000s
  • "The British Journal of Sociology in the 2000s: sociology in a new century". Fran Tonkiss
  • "Mobile sociology". John Urry
  • Commentaries by Vincent Kaufman and Caroline Knowles
  • "Unpacking cosmopolitanism for the social sciences: a research agenda". Ulrich Beck and Natan Sznaider
  • Commentaries by Yasemin Nuhoğlu Soysal and Nina Glick Schiller

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